Monday, 13 April 2009

How does God want us to respond to Him?

Having just celebrated Easter in the Church of England (for the first time) it has led me to thinking a great deal about the 'right' or 'most appropriate' way to worship God - IS there one?
Does God derive pleasure from priests dressing up and blowing incense about or from people jumping around and clapping their hands - or both, or neither, or from something else altogether?
Apart from saying, "this is my tradition... " how would we actually KNOW what he wants?


  1. I'm not sure there is a 'right style' in worshipping God - it certainly isn't about denominations (or abominations). It seems from my understanding of God's ways that it has very much to do with the position of the heart - Ps 51 John 4, etc. There's little more He dislikes than hypocrasy - where heart and actions do not match up. But he loves us to come with a humble honest heart before him. I guess sometimes that means we might leap around clapping and sometimes in a quiet reflective way and sometimes with tears of remorse.
    It still leaves us with a conundrum - when I'm feeling full of joy do I go on Sunday to the Pentecostal Church and when I'm feeling low do I go to the nearest 'high' church? What do I do when everyone else 'seems' to be feeling what I'm not feeling?

  2. Do we even need a church though? In the Old Testament, G-d is very clear in instructing the Israelites to build the Temple and thus have a clear form of worship.

    But, Peter and "the rock" aside, the Dues Amiblius is much less clear in the New Testament. Is it therefore more about faith and individual following of the Christ than any established idea, even Peter's church in Rome?